blue pool


"When we decided to down–size, we were faced with the overwhelming job of taking inventory of what we had. After living in our home for close to 30 years, the process of eliminating felt extremely overwhelming. We were thrilled to see how well many of the things we loved and kept could be used in our smaller space. With a couple of extra touches, the outcome is fabulous in both function and appearance! "

Sharon and Richard A., N.Y.C.

"Diane was a pleasure to work with, and really understood the look that we wanted for our home. By helping us find the right wall colors, and re–arranging a few of our pieces, our home is definitely a reflection of our updated needs and taste." 

Susan S., Short Hills, N.J.

"We recently moved from a townhouse to a larger space. We had specific ideas and preferences, but were unable to achieve them on our own. By taking measurements, and studying the dimensions and layout, Diane was able to decide how everything would be arranged, well in advance of the move. She was also present on moving day, which took away a lot of stress. Our home immediately felt comfortable and familiar, and looked great as well. "

Robin S., Scarsdale, N.Y.