cream and black livingroom

Interior Redesigns

By repositioning, repurposing and redefining what you already have, your home can be transformed to look and function better instantly regardless of the size of your living space or your budget. Your home will then better reflect your present needs, lifestyle and taste.


Organization services might be needed for a very small area, or it might encompass a variety of larger areas in a home.  After organization is achieved in any area, an easy to follow system is developed to allow for continued management of organization tasks.

Home Staging

Home staging is the process of preparing a home to make the best possible first impression for potential buyers.  This could involve only one room, or it might include the entire house.  Repositioning furnishings, art and accessories help to achieve proper balance and proportion of space. Staging involves neutralizing, depersonalizing, and decluttering a space.


Moving Day Makeover

The move from one home to another can be a very overwhelming task. First it must be decided what can still be utilized in your new home. Because layouts and room configurations are always different, using the new space to the best advantage is the challenge. We will provide you with the best arrangement of your furniture, window treatment and accessories to help achieve the look you love!


The initial step is deciding what should be eliminated and what might still be practical to keep. The next step is finding and arranging where unwanted items might be donated. Finally, it must be determined how best to utilize and present what remains in the downsized space.

elder transitions

This can be an extremely stressful time for an elderly individual as well as for their family. We can assist you through every aspect of this process!

"Shopping" the Home

"Shopping" the home is the process of finding and moving forgotten or unused furnishings, accessories and artwork from one part of the home to another. Redefining how and where they might work better, will enhance their present purpose and appearance.

Art and Accessory Placement

Existing artwork and accessories can be re–hung, re–positioned and re–grouped to enhance the appearance, size and funtion of a space.

Combining Homes

When combining the furnishings, art and accessories of two households, the goal is to create a home that is functional and pleasing to both parties.

Setting Up a New Home

The move from one home to another can be a daunting task. After deciding what can no longer be used, necessary arrangements for donations need to be made. Setting up what remains in a new home to maximize both function and appearance is the ultimate goal!

Shopping For the Home

After suggestions are made, we can assist you in finding furnishings or accessories to complement your updated look!